North America

One of the first two scarlet tanagers ever recorded in Vancouver at Queen Elizabeth Park (L). A male black-headed grosbeak at Burnaby Lake Regional Park (R).

Hooded merganser at Beacon Hill Park, Victoria (L). Yellow-rumped warbler at Jericho Beach Park (M). Pacific wren at Ravine Park (R)

Belted kingfisher at Jericho Beach park (L). Anna's hummingbird at Trafalger Park (R).

Western tanager at Iona Beach Regional Park (L). Barred owl at Ravine Park (R).

Savannah sparrow (L) and tree swallow (R) at Iona Beach Regional Park.

Western wood peewee (L), house finch (M) and brown creeper (R) at Pacific Spirit Regional Park.

Trumpeter swan at Humber Bay Park East (L). Song sparrow (M) and eastern phoebe in North Frontenac (R).

Great horned owl at Marshlands Conservation Area, Kingston.

Brown Basilisk (Quintana Roo, Mexico)

Green heron (Quintana Roo, Mexico)

Prairie warbler (Quintana Roo, Mexico)

Crane hawk (Quintana Roo, Mexico)

South America

Cinnamon tanager (Cusco, Peru)

Andean hillstar (Arequipa, Peru)

White-necked jacobin (Pilcopata, Peru)

Bluish-fronted jacamar (Pilcopata, Peru)

Long-tailed tyrant (Pilcopata, Peru)

Chilean flamingo (Paracas, Peru)

Peruvian booby (Paracas, Peru)

American oystercatcher (Paracas, Peru)

Mitred and red-masked parakeets (Lima, Peru)

Andean condor (Arequipa, Peru)


Mountain goat in Jasper National Park (L). Sea otter in Clayoquot Sound Biosphere Reserve (R).

Moutain viscachas in La Paz, Bolivia (L) and Cuzco, Peru (R).

Central American spider monkeys in Quintana Roo, Mexico (L), and black-capped squirrel monkey in Pilcopata, Peru (R).

All photos copyright Sean Vanderluit 2022.